Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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We currently have the following open board positions (see description below):

Equipment Coordinator

Tournaments Coordinator

Media Relations and Social Networking Coordinator



The Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth League Board of Directors is made up of both parent and non-parent volunteers. The support of these volunteers is critical to the League as it fulfills its mission of delivering a structured, instructional, and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18, which yields a positive experience that emphasizes sportsmanship, fair play, physical and mental well-being, teamwork, baseball skills development, community involvement, and volunteerism to help develop good citizens and provide positive role models for the community.

Volunteers interested in serving the League should contact the Board Of Directors by email at or come to a monthly meeting the first Tuesday of every month in the Press Box at Fireman's Field. Check the web site calendar for time.

We look forward to having you join us!

The GLBR Board of Directors


Board Position Descriptions:
Descriptions are a combination of information taken directly from the President's Handbook as well as responsibilities specific to GLBR. They are not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather a guideline by which the League officers interact and work together as a team to deliver on the GLBR mission.


Executive Branch Positions:

Presides at all League meetings. Assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local League to include adherence to the rules, regulations, and policies of Babe Ruth Headquarters.  Appoints all committees and supervises the activity thereof. Ensures the charter application or continuation form is submitted to Babe Ruth Headquarters. Is responsible for local league protests and disputes. Reviews finances with the Treasurer and retains check signing authority.

Presides in the absence of the President and carries out such duties and  assignments as may be delegated by the President. Avails him/herself for duties that are related to general League management and baseball operations, as necessary and/or not covered or performed by another Board member. With the President, ensures the appropriate and proper image for the League (to include marketing plan and position/perception in the community) is upheld through the actions of the Board and the League and its representatives. With the President, acts as spokesperson for the League, unless otherwise delegated. Retains check signing authority.
Records the minutes of the meetings. Sends out notice of regular and special meetings, maintains an official record of the League's activities, notifies all officers of election and the names of newly elected Board members, and performs such other duties as this office may require. In lieu of an Insurance Coordinator, obtains proper accident and liability insurance coverage for the protection of the league players and volunteers. Completes insurance applications, maintains records of injuries and incidents, and files claims with the insurance companies. In addition, maintains web content in a timely manner. Works closely with other Board members to ensure that all relevant information is posted as necessary. Sends emails to all in the database to notify of registration dates, important events, and other information. Coordinates compilation and publication of Tournament programs. Sends notices to newspapers.

Signs checks, dispenses League funds as approved by the Board in a timely manner, reports the financial status, keeps financial records, prepares the budget, and assumes the responsibility for all League finances. Responsible for the timely preparation and filing of all Federal and local tax returns, annual registration of GLBR with the Commonwealth of Virginia's State Corporation Commission, and completion of report filings as required by Loudoun County Parks and Recreation. Retains check signing authority.

Coordinator Positions:

Scheduling Coordinator (Scheduler)
Submits scrimmages and games to Parks and Recreation for approval and confirmation. This process is used for regular spring and fall seasons and the Sunday Select program. Schedules the above for all age brackets. Maintains records to include games played,  results, wins/losses, and umpires used. Reschedules cancelled games. Distributes information to Managers. Keeps Managers informed of all changes. Provides schedule to Managers and the Board. Submits field requests two months in advance of Mickie Gordon and GLBR End-of-Season Tournaments. Submits field requests for District Tournaments. Assigns umpires to all League games. Devises a plan in advance of the season to determine field needs for try-outs, practices, and games.

Assigns umpires to all League games. Conducts clinics on rules and field positions. Ultimately responsible for the umpire notification system for cancelled games (may work with Field Coordinator and Managers for specific notification duties). Recruits new umpires and develops an in-house core staff of volunteer umpires or paid teenage umpires, which can be called upon when umpire associations are not available. Is responsible for proper dress and conduct of umpires. Ensures local League protest procedures. Works with the President to obtain/negotiate contracts from Umpire Associations. Works closely with Field Coordinator and establishes, between the two, who tracks numbers of umpires used and informs the umpires of cancellations, delays, and rescheduled games and records the information for billing purposes. Conducts Managers' meeting to discuss procedures for reporting umpire issues. (It is recommended that he/she be a member of BRB or BRS National Umpires Association and be knowledgeable of the rules and have the ability to apply them to the field).

Age Division Managers (13 YO, 14-15 YO, 16-18 YO)
Acts as a liaison between age-specific players and GLBR for informational purposes. Procures walk-in registration locations and holds registrations along with the Secretary. Ensures team sponsors are received and recognized within the division. Serves as an advocate for the needs and interests of the League members in the Division represented. Makes decisions (with the Executive Board where possible) regarding League baseball and administrative operations, on behalf of the Division represented, in the event a full Board meeting is not feasible. This may include issues such as league schedule, playoff format, manager disciplinary actions, conflict resolution within the represented Division, etc. Reports all relevant and important information, activities, and decisions, within the represented Division, to the Board in a timely manner.

Prepares player ID cards and Tournament books in conjunction with Age Division Managers. Relays/requests information as required to/from Babe Ruth League, Inc. Conducts annual League registration and try-outs, presides at player selection meetings and coordinates the transfer of players, keeps up-to-date records of team rosters, checks players' eligibility. Maintains player database. Creates and submits official rosters to online Babe Ruth Inc. website.

Equipment Coordinator
Inventories, procures, and distributes equipment, uniforms, etc. Ensures adequate supply of baseballs are available for all games. Makes arrangements for Tournament Teams to have the proper equipment. Solicits prices from vendors. Presents options to the Board for approval.

Fundraising Coordinator
Coordinates and conducts actual fundraising activities, formulates ideas for fundraising, seeks Team Sponsors, and recommends charitable contributions.

Media Relations and Social Networking Coordinator

Updates/delegates GLBR's social web presence (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) with current content, announcements, and advertisements. Adds pictures and significant results (i.e., District tournament results) in local papers. This includes writing descriptive accounts and contacting and negotiating with publication representatives. Support/leads advertisements for registration with local publications across Loudoun County.