Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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Are the teams created new each season or will my child join an existing team?
Teams are re-drafted every year. In the spring we generally divide the players from Leesburg and points east and players from Leesburg and points west to form the teams. Registration numbers vary from season to season and we can't always accommodate all location preferences? Every registered player is on a team.

How many games/practice per week?
Spring Season: Prior to the first game of the season, there are usually 3 practices per week. Once the season starts and weather permitting we have 2 games (1 weeknight, 1 Saturday) and 1 practice per week. 

Fall Season: Prior to the first game of the season, there are usually 3 practices per week. Once the season starts and weather permitting we have 2 to 3 games per week. With an occasional practice.

Are most practice and games scheduled out near Purcellville or are they all over?
Games are all over. We assign coaches based on the geography and attempt to have practices for Eastern players  in Leesburg and East and practices for Western players  in Leesburg and West. This doesn't always hold true as the registration numbers vary season to season.

What are Sunday Select teams?
Spring Season: The Sunday Select Teams have limited space and play in the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League; most games are in Loudoun County. There is usually one 13-year-old team and one 14-year-old team which start games in April. There is no team for 15-year-olds but we normally have a JV team (16U) and Varsity team (18U) which play on Sundays starting at the end of May till June. There are tryouts for all Sunday Teams. These teams don't get much practice time but play Sunday doubleheaders. There is an additional registration fee for these teams.
When are playoffs? What are District Teams?
Spring Season: There are end of season playoffs for all our 13-15 yr old teams. 13 and 14/15 year old teams' playoffs are in early June. Thereare no playoffsfor 16-18 yr old teams. The District Teams are "All Star" teams for which there are tryouts .District Tournament play starts late June or early July.

What is the age cut off for Fall ball?
GLBR's 13-year-old Prep Division has a fall and spring session. For the Fall season, players are eligible if they will be 13 by April 30 of the following year. For example, if your child has become ineligible for Cal Ripken or Little League and is 12 years old, he can play Babe Ruth in the fall if he will be 13 by April 30 of the coming spring. In addition, you can request an exemption from the League President if your 12-year-old would like to participate. Email the for more information.

My child is 18 years old this year and starting college, how long can he still play Babe Ruth?
Players can still play Babe Ruth when they are 18 years old no matter where they go to school. Currently, as long as they are 18 yrs  old on January 1, they can play in the 16-18 year-old division. 

What is the age cut-off date for the age division my child will play in?
The age cut-off date for each year is May 1st. Players age as of April 30th of the current year will determine the age group he or she plays in.

When do the seasons start?
GLBR has 2 playing seasons--Spring and Fall. Please see our "Programs Offered" page for further information. Also, keep checking the calendar for updates.

I missed sign ups, can my child still play?
Email the Age Division Manager. GLBR wants every player to be allowed to play. However, in addition to late fees, placement on a team will depend on available space. Limits on the number of players on a team are set by the Board before the season begins, although these can be changed if the situation warrants. The number of teams depends on the number of players who sign up and whether enough coaches volunteer.