Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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Everyone, especially managers, should first read the “annual” Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations … cover to cover !!! That is the gospel unless the league has otherwise overridden something.
The GLBR By-Laws, as now constituted, have the following local league rules and clarifications of Babe Ruth League Rules and Regulations.
1.       Behavior Violations
2.       Minimum Playing Time
3.       Ten Run Rule
4.       Time Limit
5.       Extra Hitter (EH)
6.       Free Substitution And Continuous Batting Order
7.       Courtesy Runner
8.       Incomplete Games
9.       Pitcher Limitations
10.   Pitchers Re-Entering Games As Pitchers
11.   Playing-Up
12.   Bat Restrictions
13.   Donuts/Bat Weights
14.   Coaches Uniforms
15.   Manager Responsibilities
16.   Removal Of Managers, Coaches And Players
We also have instituted an Extra Hitter (EH) and a playing time limit (2 hours). These rule options are discussed on pages 20 of your rule book; we have exercised our local league option on these rules, and they are discussed later in this document.
Below is an explanation of the local rules, a clarification of other rule book rules, and a description of how book rules fit into our local league rules, where applicable.
Behavior Violations
If a manager and/or coach is/are ejected from a game, no matter the reason, he/she will not be able to coach for two consecutive games. If he/she is ejected from a second game, no matter the reason, the Board will review the circumstances and he/she may be barred from managing for the remainder of the season. Any player ejected from a game, is to be immediately reported to the League by the player's manager. Players that are ejected from a game will be suspended from playing in the next game. The player must be in attendance, in uniform, and in the dug-out for the game in order to fulfill the suspension. Should the suspended player not attend the next game, the player will not be able to return to play until the 1 game suspension has been fulfilled.
Minimum Playing Time (local rule)
All players in GLBR will be provided an opportunity to play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings and be provided the opportunity to bat at least once during a regulation game. This includes games that are shortened due to time limit, 10-run rule, or darkness. If a player does not meet the minimum league requirement, then the player must start the next game and play until he meets the minimum playing requirements (3 defensive innings).
Ten Run Rule (local rule)
A game will be terminated once becoming regulation (after 5 innings, or 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead) if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs and each team has had equal times at bat or the home team is leading.
Time limit (local adaptation)
GLBR uses a 2-hour time limit. No new full inning shall start after 2 hours have passed. The home team will be allowed to have its at-bat, if behind or tied, once the 2-hour limit is reached. The visiting team may start its at bat in a new inning only prior to 2 hours.
Extra hitter (local adaptation)
The Extra Hitter (EH) is a position in the batting order. It allows a team to bat 10 players in the line-up. A player playing this position is interchangeable at any time with any other player currently in the line-up. [For example, just like a 2B and SS can switch positions in the middle of an inning, or from inning to inning, so can the EH and any other position]. The EH allows teams to more easily satisfy minimum playing requirements. The EH is also treated just like any other position in the batting order for substitution purposes, and is therefore subject to all normal substitution rules. Overall, the EH is an extra position in the line-up, and is therefore dissimilar to the Designated Hitter (DH). GLBR does not use the DH.
The EH can be used only when it is announced as a starting lineup position. If you start with an EH, then you have to finish with one. Any person that is in the batting order as an EH still is required to physically play 3 defensive innings. An inning as an EH (batter only) does not count toward 3 defensive innings. At bats, of course, do count toward the minimum at bats requirement. Obviously, if a team has only 9 players, the EH is not used.
The decision to use the EH is always at the option of the League prior to the beginning of the season. If the League opts to use the EH, then it becomes mandatory for all teams to use the EH in every game. GLBR has opted to use the EH, and therefore it is mandatory.
If the team opts to use a continuous batting order, then the EH rule does not apply.
Free Substitution And Continuous Batting Order
These rules are optional and apply to both Spring and Fall Seasons.

Each team may opt to play the game with a continuous batting order, batting its entire roster of players all the way through for the entire game. If this option is chosen, then free defensive substitutions will apply One exception: Pitchers must follow standard Babe Ruth pitching rules for re-entry.
Courtesy runner
A courtesy runner may only be used for the catcher or pitcher if there are two outs in the inning only. GLBR encourages the use of the courtesy runner to speed up the game. The courtesy runner shall be a player that is not currently in the line-up. If the team has no players not currently in the line-up, or such a player is injured, then the courtesy runner will be the player that made the previous out in the inning.
Incomplete games
In the event that a game is called, by the umpire, due to weather, then the following rule applies, and the game will be replayed in its entirety at a later date:
Page 52/53, rule 4.10(e):   "...If a 13-15 or 16-18 Division game fails to reach the regulation minimum of 4.5/5 innings played it is not a regulation game and must be replayed as a new game.  According to Baseball Rule 4.10(e) if it is declared a "No Game" by the umpire, no records (pitching or otherwise) are kept and pitching eligibility, etc., is intact as it was prior to the beginning of the "No Game" situation.  It is as if no pitch was thrown, no ball hit or caught.  NOTE:  This applies to local league games only."
HOWEVER, in the event that a game is called due to darkness or the 2-hour time limit, then that game is deemed complete, regardless of what inning the game is in. The game will be over, and the winning team is declared the winner, or a tie game is declared a tie. Keep in mind, the 2-hour time limit rule allows for each team to have equal at bats (unless the home team is ahead prior to the bottom of the inning … see above).
Pitcher Limitations

  • 16-19 year-old players have no pitching limitations.
  • See our League Rules Document

Thirteen year-old players may be periodically called up to play at the 14-15’s division when it is demonstrated that the upper division team will lack sufficient rostered players to field a team for a game. No 13 year-old player will be called up to the 14-15’s division for a game without prior coordination with the affected prep league manager.
The decision on whether a 15 year-old player is allowed to play up in the 16-18 Division is, according to the rule book, at the discretion of the President of the League. Permission must be granted in advance by the President, for any and all cases.
Bat Restrictions
Refer to the latest bat restrictions on our website at: Rule Changes
Donuts/Bat Weights
There are no rules that prohibit the use of donuts or bat weights, provided they are used safely and in a reasonable manner such that players’ safety is upheld. Bat weights should not be left lying around in playing territory, and it is the Managers’ responsibility to make sure bat weights are properly stored during play. The umpire reserves the right to eliminate the bat weight from the game if the Manager and his team does not take appropriate precautions with the bat weights.
Coaches uniforms
There is no formal uniform requirement for managers and coaches. However, all of us at GLBR agree that ALL managers and coaches should at least be dressed appropriately and neatly, to represent our league well. We strongly encourage coaches to wear at least their team jerseys, and to tuck them in and be uniform in style/color. Work clothes and shabby clothes are strongly discouraged.
Manager Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that players receive the best possible instruction in the art of baseball.
  • Their conduct and the conduct of their players while engaged in GLBR activities.
  • The proper conduct of parents during the course of a game.
  • Timely submission of all required roster information, game scores and the like requested by the Board and necessary for the good of the league.
  • Accountability for the return of all GLBR equipment and uniforms (where applicable) issued.
  • Ensuring that all players receive at least the minimum of playing time required.
  • Active undertaking in all reasonable GLBR fund raising activities.
  • Filing accident and incident reports with the League President and Secretary.
  • Recording Umpire(s) of Record for each game played. Tendering this info with game results.

Failure to abide by the above will adversely affect future consideration as a returning manager.
Removal of Managers, Coaches and Players
The GLBR Board has the authority to discipline managers, coaches and players during the course of a season for conduct deemed detrimental to the good order of the league. Such actions may include warning, suspension or termination. Actions that constitute grounds for these actions include, but are not limited to: physical or verbal abuse of players, reckless disregard for conducting league activities in accordance with established rules, and reckless disregard for the safety of players while under their charge.
Disciplinary action shall only be taken upon the completion of a GLBR Board review, and a resulting affirmative decision, by two-thirds vote of the Board, to act on such. Prior to such action, the manager or coach in question shall be notified of the nature of the charges and given an opportunity to respond to the charges before the Board.