Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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Instructional Baseball for Loudoun County Youth, Ages 13 - 18


SPRING 2022 Registration is OPEN!!!


Donate to GLBR

GLBR is an IRS registered 501(3)c not-for- profit organization so your donation is completely tax deductible!

Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth grew by almost 30% this year compared to registrations from 2017 - 2019! (Not comparing 2020 due to COVID).

While this is awesome news, it is a burden on our resources as a league. More kids equal more equipment (baseballs are our #2 expense) which equals more teams which equals more games…. The more games we play the more umpires we need.

Unfortunately, we just found out our umpire cost is set to increase by @ 25% in the coming seasons.  Other costs are increasing as well.

Our board has tried to be consistent keeping the registration cost @ $179 per player/season for the past 4 years, BUT we have not received much in the way of donations. 

Our league depends on YOUR donations.

So, please donate by clicking here


GLBR is looking for Volunteers!

Interested in helping Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth meet our fundraising goals?  Send us an e-mail at to let us know if you'd like to be part of the team. 


GLBR COVID Screening Form is now on-line

The COVID screening form can now be completed on-line!  Fill out the form prior to all GLBR events.  A copy will automatically be sent to your coach.  You can still use the PDF version if necessary, but coaches will definitely appreciate receiving the completed forms via e-mail rather than having to handle the paper forms.




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